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Vaporizzatore MIGHTY

295 €

329 € Risparmia 34 €

Vaporizzatore MIGHTY
MIGHTY Vaporizer MIGHTY Vaporizer - Top MIGHTY Vaporizer - Side MIGHTY Vaporizer - Included MIGHTY Vaporizer - Grinder MIGHTY Vaporizer - Display MIGHTY Vaporizer - Size

295 €

329 € Risparmia 34 €

295 €

329 € Risparmia 34 €

Ti garantiamo le versioni di vaporizzatori più recenti/nuove. Abbiamo ricevuto questo stock di Vaporizzatore MIGHTY il 27 mag. 2019.

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Il vaporizzatore MIGHTY è arrivato! Questo vaporizzatore è costruito a mano in Germania da Storz & Bickel, i produttori del vaporizzatore Volcano ed è realizzato con materiali della massima qualità per una durata e una funzionalità di prima classe.

Utilizzando una combinazione di riscaldamento per conduzione e convezione, il modello MIGHTY si riscalda in pochi secondi per fornire nuvole di vapore visibili e dense di miscele per aromaterapia, oli o cere. All’interno del MIGHTY troverai una pratica unità di raffreddamento, che può essere smontata per pulirla facilmente. La durata della batteria del MIGHTY va dalle 1,5 alle 2 ore e per ridurre il consumo delle batterie, l’apparecchio è dotato inoltre di funzione di autospegnimento.

La qualità del vapore del MIGHTY è simile a quella del modello Volcano: densa, aromatica e pura. A differenza di altri vaporizzatori portatili, il MIGHTY ha un sistema efficace di produzione del vapore che permette un’esperienza piacevole ed immediata. Il prezzo di questo dispositivo unico può sembrare elevato, ma potrebbe trattarsi dell’unico vaporizzatore che acquisterai in tutta la tua vita!

Se invecei cercando un vaporizzatore più spiccatamente portatile, che può essere usato con il tuo smartphone, scopri il fratello minore del MIGHTY il vaporizzatore CRAFTY.


  • Aria calda a convezione completa
  • Accurato controllo della temperatura
  • Due batterie agli ioni di litio
  • Scambiatore di calore a elevata efficienza
  • Spegnimento automatico
  • Grande display a LED
  • Allarme a vibrazione


Accessori (inclusi)

  • Alimentatore
  • Tampone per liquidi
  • 3 filtri di ricambio
  • Pennello per pulizia
  • Macinatore
  • Accessorio ausiliare di riempimento
  • Guarnizioni ad anello
  • Manuale di istruzioni


Doppia batteria al litio

Il modello MIGHTY è dotato anche di doppia batteria agli ioni di litio, che assicura quattro ore di utilizzo continuo. La doppia batteria permette una maggiore durata operativa e un grande raggio di azione. Il MIGHTY può funzionare anche con l’alimentatore quando le batterie sono completamente scariche.


Riempimento Assistito

Puoi usare l’accessorio per il riempimento assistito incluso per un riempimento rapido e pulito della camera di riempimento integrata nel vaporizzatore. L’accessorio di riempimento assistito si collega sopra alla camera di riempimento, al posto dell’unità di raffreddamento. L’unità di raffreddamento invece consente il raffreddamento del vapore, assicurando un aroma pieno e ottimale.


Riscaldamento rapido

Il vaporizzatore MIGHTY è dotato di un’ampia camera di riscaldamento e di uno scambiatore di calore ad elevata efficienza, per fornire vapori visibili già dai primi istanti di utilizzo. L’apparecchio, inoltre, possiede un display a LED per consentire agli utenti un accurato controllo della temperatura di vaporizzazione. Il MIGHTY può raggiungere la temperatura impostata in circa 60 secondi. 



Il vaporizzatore MIGHTY è fornito con garanzia del produttore di due anni, limitata al normale utilizzo.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Può vaporizzare Miscele, Oli, Cere
Produttore Storz & Bickel
Misura (larghezza x profondità x altezza) 8 x 3 x 14 cm
Peso del vaporizzatore 230 g
Stile Nero
Fonte di energia Batteria
Elemento riscaldante Riscaldamento combinato a convezione e conduzione
Metodo di diffusione del vapore Diretto
Paese di fabbricazione Germania
Garanzia 2 anni

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It's the best portable vape

Indo Kush
The name already reveals much about this vape’s character. It was ambitious for Storz & Bickel to name this device ‘Mighty’, but it does live up to the expectation 100%. I hold other vapes to the standard that I have experienced with the Mighty – in terms of vapor quality, ease of use and efficiency. There are other vapes who can easily win in portability, but if it is the function and effectiveness that we are talking about, the Mighty still leads the race. I am a Mighty fan and can definitely say that you will never regret buying this vape. The first session you have with the Mighty will be enough to convince you that you have made the right decision.

Top class German wonder

The Mighty is an amazing device. It is still one of my favorites after several years. The sessions I’ve had with the Mighty were incredible and this vape is so efficient that it can maximize every gram of herb to give you excellent vapor quality. Battery life is also competitive. One advice I would give though for those planning to buy the Mighty is to immediately clean it. I know it can be a bother to think about cleaning after sessions but trust me, better do it ASAP or you’ll have it harder if you postpone it. This goes without saying but ALL your vaping devices should be cleaned regularly. The Mighty can be a bit high maintenance but I can live with the extra responsibility in exchange for great hits.

If you can afford it - get it!

Well, this isn’t the cheapest but you got to pay for the best, right? The price of the Mighty will be enough to make you sweat, but it is among the most coveted in terms of functionality. It is also not the most portable but it packs a long battery life and is easily the most efficient and accurate vaping device in the market. Yes, even after all these years. I have loved the Might ever since I purchased it and I remain loyal to it. I could honestly say that you will actually be saving money in the long run with the Mighty since it will allow you to spend less on herbs. This is a long-lasting and durable device that will probably outlast many of the newer vapes in the market.

Still the best

The mighty is still at the top of its vaping game! It is made with quality materials and has been guaranteed safe, unlike many of the devices out in the market today. It is better to scrutinize the products that you buy because the least you would want is for your vape to be a health hazard. I am very much a satisfied customer with the Mighty. It is very easy to use, very easy to figure out, and very accurate and efficient. I am all praise for this device. If you want smooth and excellent vapor that can surpass your expectations and experience from other portable vapes, well try the Mighty. It takes your vaping experience to a different level.

I recommend it strongley

If you are the type of user who is particular about the heating process, i.e whether convection or conduction, well you might be happy with the Mighty who utilizes both process. After more than a year of using the mighty without any problems, I think there is one perfect word which describes it: efficient. I usually load 0.15g of herbs and that already gives me quite a lot of hits (more than 10!). The device can also last long with a great battery life, and you can use it while charging as well! I was really quite happy with that though I do not do it a lot. The mighty is accurate, efficient and crazy good. If you would ask me for a recommendation right here and now, I’d say ‘buy the Mighty’ in a heartbeat.


First-class? I trust Storz & Bickel to deliver nothing less. The Mighty is exactly a that, a first class portable vape that just gets everything right. First off, this thing can last up to 2 hours! That record remains as the longest in terms of portable vapes. Ok, provided that the Mighty isn’t as sleek as the pen vapes nowadays, but those have nothing on the Mighty in terms of vapor quality and efficiency. Besides, it is still small enough to carry around. I also like the design. I’m happy with the Might and after months of having it as my trusted friend, it has become my vaporizer of choice.

One of the best decisions I’ve made.

I am careful with the material of the vapes I buy. I have experienced giving vaporizers mostly made of plastic a try, and have been hugely disappointed. Can you imagine having a session and realizing after a while that something tastes like plastic? Na-uh, not the best memory. Anyway, so the Mighty’s mouthpiece is made of plastic, which got me worried. It is not the cheapest so I had to be really sure about my decision. Reading about the amazing high and the performance won it for me. Turns out, didn’t have much to worry about. A few months with the Mighty and I had never tasted or smelled plastic.


This vape is dope! I have not stopped talking and raving about how great the Mighty is ever since I have tried it. It is a worth-it investment and I have no regrets spending on my mighty baby. The mighty has kept me company for many nights and they were great nights! Vapor is smooth and very flavorful, even when I do not put in that much herbs. It is also really easy to use – easy to load and unload. Battery life is very good and temp controls are hella accurate. Any device that give me the most for every gram of herb already has my money on it. Efficiency, power, and excellent vapor quality takes the Mighty on top of the best vapes list.


Serious Sam
The Mighty is still the mightiest. Storz & Bickel really has invested in producing quality vaporizers that are hard to match in the market, even after several years and an influx of new vapes later. As for the mighty, vapor quality is what you would expect for the Storz&Bickel line – premium, unmatched quality. It is also very easy to use. I find it is best at 0.10 to 0.15g of dry herbs. Temp controls are accurate and I can get more than 10 hits for a 5 minute session. I have tried an array of newer vapes but the Mighty is still at the top of the list. The most satisfying session I’ve had that I can remember were all because of the mighty. Cheers!

Expensive luxury

The Mighty is synonymous to quality. It was quite an investment but I have zero regrets about making the purchase. I have been spared of the disastrous burnt smell and plastic taste that I have experienced from other vapes that promised me quality. With the Mighty, it is a satisfying session EVERY TIME. I just love it and I have been recommending it repeatedly to a lot of my friends. I let them try mine and always enjoy the look of happy surprise in their faces. Hahaha The Mighty is an impressive device and trust me, you will be impressed.

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